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Professional Kent tree services of all shapes and sizes.

Your Local Tree Specialist in Kent

Your trees in Kent have a number of purposes – from keeping you cool during the summer to simply providing an attractive appearance for your home or business. At Kustom Trim Tree Service LLC, we understand the immense value that trees provide and are happy to offer a complete range of tree services designed to ensure your trees have a long and healthy life. From planting small seedlings to tree maintenance services, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Because we’re certified arborists in Kent, we have a deep knowledge of trees, including how to prune or trim without causing damage, how to brace and cable trees to avoid potential hazards, and how to select the perfect tree species based on the location and setting. With Kustom Trim Tree Service LLC, you’ll have an incredibly capable partner for all your tree needs.

If your tree’s life has run its course or been damaged by a storm, Kustom Trim Tree Service LLC can also assist with tree removal. Our expert tree removal team will visit your Kent address to make sure that the tree is removed without issue. We’ll use precise cuts and stump grinding to make sure there are no lasting scars on your green space.

For affordable and professional tree services in Kent, call Kustom Trim Tree Service LLC at 330-734-0401.